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I have been fortunate to be responsible for Reward and Recognition in two of the greatest industrial success stories of modern times. I was in Prime Computer when it was the fastest growing company in the Fortune 500 list with the highest revenue and profit per employee for several years and also at Rank Xerox at the time of their explosive growth. The reasons for their success were not simple but at both we had a creative, dynamic approach to financial and non-financial rewards which we believed paid dividends.

To understand the dynamics of reward and recognition you first need to learn about the research that has been done on the subject. Maslow & Hertzberg were both very famous for their research into motivation and others like Lawler, Latham and Locke, McDougall and Vroom are also interesting. You then need to judge their works for yourself. Some of their conclusions are arguably opinionated and some difficult to explain from their data

"Dynamic Reward & Recognition programmes can motivate ordinary people to do extraordinary things."

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