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The types of circumstance when companies might consider Interim Management as an option are:
  • There is a need to undertake a project demanding specific highly specialised skills that would not normally be recruited, e.g. compensation analyses, salary surveys, team building training, a new appraisal system etc.
  • They want an independent and impartial view from a respected outside body able to bring the views of other cultures to bear in the judgement of what to do and how.

"Skilled Manangement resources when and as long as you want them, at reasonable cost."

  • They have a steady regular requirement for a skilled professional but less than full time demand, e.g. locum H.R. Director.
  • They have insufficient skilled personnel in-house. This could be because a professional member of staff is absent for a significant period e.g. sickness, maternity leave. Alternatively, a short-term peak of work, which might otherwise demand someone being diverted from equally important tasks.


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