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Many managers are heard to say “ People are our greatest asset”. We all know it is true. Every company can trace its success back to the people resources employed now and in the past. Our aim wasto help managers get the most from their people by applying the latest H.R. techniques to all their business situations.

"People are our greatest asset, good management helps us realise best value from these assets"

It is also true that like all assets they need regular servicing and development or their value can be reduced to zero simply by them leaving the company. It can even be argued that all cost in society is people and yet so few companies manage salaries and other people cost scientifically using the latest Reward Manangement techniques.

Companies, Government and other service organisations exist to make profit and/or operate effectively at minimum cost. People assests are expensive to acquire, costly to run and need regular maintenance This means that people, the human resources of an enterprise, are just about the most important subject for management attention.

Why is it then, they let so many other things consume their energies? Why do companies have so many more specialists managing money than people?

We set up Empower Limited to try to redress this imbalance by providing specialist people management skills at reasonable cost, when required.

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